What we offer

LUMACO SWISS GmbH focuses on various marketing, management and administrative activities for the companies of the LUMACO Group. We are responsible for market research, business development and customer acquisition. The focus of our activities, which we realize through the partner companies LUMACO GmbH in Slovakia, LUMACO CZECH GmbH in the Czech Republic, LUMACO GERMANY GmbH and LUMACO US, South Carolina, lies in the following areas:

Assembly work

Construction, dismantling, conversion, relocation, reconstruction, adjustment and commissioning of any industrial equipment. These include, for example semi-automated or fully automated production or assembly lines, welding robot systems, painting systems, manipulation belts or conveyor belts – not only in the automotive sector but also in the chemical industry and food industry.

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Electrical installation

In addition to the mechanical installation carried out by us, we understandably also provide the complete service for the electrical connection of these systems: high and low voltage electrical connections, cabling, switchboard, mechanical, electrical and time coordination of individual units in the system including programming.

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Programming and Automation

Our highly qualified specialists are even able to fully program the systems built by us, to mechanically, electrically and temporally synchronize the individual linked units, so that the cycle time can be optimized in terms of productivity.

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Research and development, construction work and design

In order to meet the needs of our most demanding customers, our research and development team deal with a wide variety of optimization processes in all our main areas of activity. We offer results of this activity to our customers as turnkey system solutions. Our company offers the production of grippers, electrical switchgear, conveyors as well as 3D measurement and scanning. You tell us what you want – we suggest how to achieve it technically and economically..

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Other important focuses of our activity include in particular

Programming activities of any kind not only in the automotive sector but also in administration, maintenance, finance and security. Our administration software LUsoft offers its users complete management of all means of production, deployed personnel, customers and suppliers for optimal control.