About us

Company profile

As a global trading company with international contacts and experience, LUMACO SWISS GmbH develops numerous activities in the field of management consulting, especially in the territory of the entire European Union. The core business of the company includes business development, management consulting, corporate services, financial and economic consulting, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, especially in industry such as research and development, mechanical engineering and IT technology. In addition, LUMACO SWISS GmbH offers computer services and software distribution, programming, assembly in the industry and imparting in wholesale and retail.

We carry out programming activities of any kind not only in the automotive sector but also in administration, maintenance, finance and security.

Our administration software LUsoft offers its users complete management of all means of production, deployed personnel, customers and suppliers for optimal control.

In the sense of our corporate policy, we place great importance on research and development. We support and directly participate in some research and development projects, especially in the automotive sector, the results of which are protected by international patents and contribute to the further development of our society.